Need some help on a server.

Hey, Facepunch!

I’ve gotten tired of all those serious RP servers and I’ve never thought of making my own… Until today.
My idea is some kind of Assassin’s Creed: Modern Apocalypse.
That means the Assassin’s Creed thingy with Assassins and Templars are fighting (sounded like a nice mix) and freelancers that’s not part of any faction. They can get recruited by one of the factions, or just keep trading/gambling or whatever they want to do. And this is also in a post-apocalyptic map with a lot of buildings to parkour in for the assassins.

So I got a scripter and all that, but he is from the US, and I am from the EU so it is kind of hard to get in contact with him sometimes, and I have no experience at all with lua coding or C+++.

So I was wondering if there was any voulenteers out there to help me out on this crazy idea?
If so, then add Killazz112 on your steam friends so we can get to work ;).

This is the worst idea I’ve ever heard.
Sorry, but it is.

Well, how come? :stuck_out_tongue:

sounds like DarkRP gone wrong…

Nah, was thinking of Blueprint 2 modification.

And yeah… I was not thinking of some constant killing mod, but more action based than Serious RP. (Such as the Infusion Gaming comminity)