Need some help on angles

I need some help with some angle calculations. I am making a entity which if you look at shows a text. I got some basic 3d2d from the wiki and changed it a bit. I got this :

local offset = Vector( 0, 0, 25)
local ang = LocalPlayer():EyeAngles()
local pos = self:GetPos() + offset + ang:Up()

ang:RotateAroundAxis( ang:Forward(), 90 )
ang:RotateAroundAxis( ang:Right(), 90 )

cam.Start3D2D( pos, Angle( 0, ang.y, 90 ), 0.25 )
	draw.DrawText( "Test", "CV20", 2, 2, Color( 255, 255, 255, 255 ), TEXT_ALIGN_CENTER )


And that looks fine because it rotates the text above my entity too look at me but it only does that on the z axis (yaw ?). but I also want it to pitch properly so the normal of the text faces me.

How would I accomplish that ?

Its not LocalPlayer():EyeAngles() its just EyeAngles() called clientside.

local ang = (pos-LocalPlayer():EyePos()):Angle()