Need some help on drag & drop functionality

I’m adding some drag & drop functionality to the pointshop and it seems as soon as you release the mouse after dragging a drag-n-drop item the mouse cursor disappears.

I’ve tracked it to:

Line 462

-- Todo.. we should only do this if we enabled it!
if ( gui.EnableScreenClicker ) then 
	gui.EnableScreenClicker( false ) 

And the way the pointshop loads the menu is


I can fix this by commenting out the code in dragdrop.lua but is there a better way to do this than to edit the core files?

Thank you Garry


 -- hairy cocks


Rule #1 of drag’n’drop in GMod: You don’t use drag’n’drop library.

Use these

That’s exactly what I’m using. That piece of code is still being executed.