Need some help regarding importing maps from other games

Ok, so there’s something i don’t seem to get with map making for Gmod, and it’s how do a lot of people keep converting maps from other games (maps from Nintendo I mean) to gmod? Hammer can’t do that sort of stuff, so is there something I’m missing that allows this sorta work to be done?

Things like maps from Nintendo games are probably just completely remade instead of being imported somehow into the game. However maps from newer, 3d games may be possible to actually port through specialized software and lots of research.

Well, the Inkopolis map definatly was a port, because people over at the Models Resourece helped with the port. Same with a lot of older map, as there are tools to rip such maps, and make em useful for about anything you could think of. Take the Rusty Bucket Bay map for example. That map was ripped via PJ64. And Inkopolis, well, once that game was finally broken into, Inkopolis, although the maps still claimed as beta, was ported to Gmod. I wonder if somewhere there isn’t a hidden and much better map tool for gmod, or if there is a blender plugin that allows this sorta work to be done much, MUCH, more easily.