Need some help with a few things


Already posted a threat and got great help! Im still a beginning lua scripter so i still need some support.
I still got some question and i hope you can answer them.


I have a surface.DrawCircle, but how do i put someone’s playermodel in it so your see there jobs character in it. Or there steam profile picture?


How do i get someones job name and DarkRP money in a draw.SimpleText?


My draw.RoundedBox is overriding my text. How do i fix this?

I hope you can get me some tips and tricks!

Thank you :slight_smile:

1 - You’d most likely have to use stencils (which are probably going to be too advanced for you; unless you find some code to paste).
2 - Pass the the variables as the text in the first argument.
3 - Call it before the you draw the text.

Ive been searching on GmodWiki, but where are these variables.

Player:getDarkRPVar with “job” and “money”.

Thank you so much <3