Need some help with an "esccape" map.

Okay, here’s the story. I’m making an “escape” map, one where you start off in a room/building and are trying to escape. In this case it’s a building, but there are some cool things that I want to do with it. I’m right now mapping it in CS:S’s Hammer editor because the textures i want to use are from CS:S and so are the warehouse shelfs that I need.

But, I want to have Combine in the warehouse that you have to kill to proceed (with a gun you find earlier). But that would mean I need to use the Half-Life hammer editor, which doesn’t have the models and textures I need for the map.

Any way that I could do this? Thanks, and hopefully if I can pass this obstacle I wil get a WIP thread going in a while.

P.S. And I want to have this play in Gmod, How would I make something that takes away your weapons at the start? Thanks again.

You could rip the css textures out of the gcf and dump them into the ep2 materials directory. That way you can map in the ep2 configuration.

For the second problem, use a trigger_weaponstrip and start the player inside it.

Ok, thanks. How would I rip the textures? Just copy/paste the files? And can I do the same for the models aswell?

I think so yes, just make sure you don’t overwrite anything.

I’m not 100 % certain, but ok

Use GCFscape to extract them.

ok, i’ll try that in a few minutes. One more question - I’m trying to make the lights in a room able to turn on and off. I have a button that when pressed toggles all the lights in the room, but when I try to make it toggle the skin of the lamp models, it just changes them once from off to on but not back again… what am I doing wrong? Thanks a bunch guys, hopefully I can start a WIP thread soon once I get far with this map.


One more thing, will the map still work perfectly fine on other people’s computers even though my CS:S textures that I would be using are found in my EP:2 folders? or is that just for hammer and it will still work?

Probably need to use a logic_relay to change the skins. Search for switchable cameras on halfwit and adapt the tutorial.

okay, thanks I’ll see if I can get that to work for me. Now I need a little bit more help… again! Lol. Anyways, so I’m trying to rip the textures now. Where are the textures/models located in the cstrike folders? I can’t seem to find them. Or are they in the hammer folders? Thanks a bunch guys! :smiley:

They are in the .gcf

… where’s that? XD

Download GCFScape and extract the parts of the css gcf that you want into the ep2 materials/models directory.

i can’t find the gcf… :stuck_out_tongue:

Program Files\Steam\steamapps

ah thanks i see it now :stuck_out_tongue:


wow am I a major-ass noob. Where do I put the extracted models and materials if I want them to go into EP:2’s Hammer Editor? :stuck_out_tongue:


nvm let this thread DIE