Need some help with blender 2.5

(Since I’ve seen other people request help with their models in general here, I thought it would be an okay place to post this. If it isn’t, please move it. Thank you.)

So I’ve been toying around with the new blender 2.5 source engine addon. It’s been great for viewing models and editing them for other purposes but I haven’t been able to export my models back into the source engine. Here’s what I’ve been doing:

  1. Decompile the m9 model from the insurgency mod(I use it since it still uses the episode 1 engine, it’s in general the easiest to work with.)

  2. Import the m9_ref.smd file into blender with the source addon.

  3. Import this deagle

  4. Create corresponding vert groups to the original m9 in the deagle(m9_body.001, m9_mag.001, and so on)

  5. Join the two objects, remove the m9 and the original vert groups, rename the new ones accordingly.

  6. Create a smoothing group.

  7. Export the whole scene as m9_ref.smd

  8. Compile the mdldecompiler.qc

Then when I get into the game nothing is in my view, i’m not sure what it is. I’ve searched the question in google and nothing is coming up. I don’t think it should be that important but I did skip importing materials, but I would assume I would just get the purple checkerboard pattern. Also I have not changed the origin of the armature in any way. Help?

And links to my tests:
The blend and the smd
And the source engine addon