Need some help with E2/Drone...

Hey guys I’ve wanted to do something for quiet some time now, but only recently have I began realizing potential for this.
What I’ve wanted to do is make a wasd/mouseaimed drone which works on dumb fire or snaps onto a contraption. Heres the catch… I was to use a missile that’s similar to propcore missiles such as this. Yes… I’m looking to take the idea of a bazooka platformed missile, and use it on a drone. Why? Tanks are easier to kill from the top, down. What missile am I using?

She is dubbed “Ching Missile”. I need to put this on a drone, and fire with velocity that once the gcombat stuff touches a prop it blows up. Anyone got a clue how to do this without prop core?

Apply force with an obscene amount of 9s?

9s? Also… Like I said I’m trying to go from a propcore e2 chip to hooking it up on a drone. I’ve got not a fucking clue how that’s suppose to work.

maybe stop over at the wiremod forums they will probably be more willing/able to help

I don’t quite understand what you are asking. I’d be happy to help you, just tell me everything you need.

A: I have no idea what you are asking.

B: Then don’t do it.

To attach it to the drone, just either:
A) Use applyForce to keep it at the attachpoint
B) Use PropCore’s setPos function to keep it at the attachpoint
C) Combine either A or B with PropCore’s parentTo function to make it look smoother.

To fire it, deparent it if you’ve parented it using method C, and applyForce the missile prop toward the target. Make the explosive props explode once the missile is within a certain range to the target (I typically use 120 for applications like this).

I’m trying to get it so it works like a propcore missile and detonates on contact with the prop. Problem is though is I’m not sure exactly how you would go about converting the propcore too normal e2 missile.

@name Missile
@inputs Fire [Target Missile]:entity
@outputs Detonate
@persist [Pos TargetPos Epos]:vector 

TargetPos = Target:pos()
Epos = entity:pos()
Pos = Epos-TargetPos

if (Epos<vec(100 100 100)) {Detonate==1}
if (Fire==1) {Missile:applyForce (Pos*99)}

Untested and maybe horrible but I don’t have access to a checker right now.

just make a normal missile, have an arming system, and a proxy detonator. What I use is a system where toggling fire starts a timer in the E2, and after x time it arms (usually about a half-second, enough to get clear of launch vehicle). It then uses a target finder with a min range slightly greater than the size of the missile, and a very low max range (like min 50 max 200). When it passes by a prop, the det command is “Armed * Targetfinder”, and it goes kaboom.

As for top attack, take an XYZ missile, make Z be whatever the Z is plus (isitbeyondxrangefromtarget * howhighuptogo). It gives a sharp dive over the target.

tl;dr. ninja’s way works too…mine’s just a perosnal preference, better for if you lose track of a target or want a missile to detonate after x seconds (I use it for realistic SAMs…if it misses it can’t turn around, it just self-destructs)

red reaper, Maybe you could do a better job at making your post’s more readable, I know they have proper grammar but when i see them i see:" TL;DR
then the last line".
Am I alone on this?


FUCK What are these propcore missiles you’re talking about?! Please don’t tell me it’s an e2 that shoots a missile and then uses propcore to spawn a new one and then use the e:teleport() propcore function to teleport a new one to the missile rack and then e:parent() itself to it because I made one and thought I was special. :’( They are fucking awesome though.

…I’m tl;dr IRL too. Sawwy. U mad?
I’m working on less tl;dr. Up until a few months ago I didn’t even know what tl;dr meant lol


though it should be noted, the tl;dr just outlined how to make a javelin.


dammit i did it again…moar tl;dr. goddammit…

A propcore missile is a missile which can be adquantley connected to an e2 chip which goes to an e2 handheld weapon, and generally is lagless/ resource hogging from what I’m aware of.

A propcore missile has nothing to do with being handheld, it simply needs to use functions from the PropCore E2 extension to fall under that category.

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From Riddick


I have somthing like that but it uses ACF.

if you need help with detination with out rangers,bottle,vector voodoo then here.

-200 is number of change when it touches somthing the delta outputs a massive change in vel
and it is a negitve number.
It works for my missiles but be shure it can stay close to a constant speed.