Need some help with hammer build programs

So, I was fucking around with what I really shouldn’t of been touching(Was making it so I could use both CS:S and HL2 entities for gmod gamemodes)
And I forgot to take note on the ‘Hammer Build Programs’ tab, so I’m stuck with it looking like this

And obviously that means I can’t compile maps. I’m struggling to find any new-ish information from after steampipe and was hoping someone could help me out!
Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Your compile tools aren’t set, you need to click “browse” and depending on the game you are using (TF2 for example) you would find them in Team Fortress 2/bin

BSP would be vbsp.exe
VIS would be vvis.exe
and RAD will be vrad.exe

Thanks man :slight_smile: