Need some help with jiggle-bones!

So a friend of mine needs help with creating jiggle-bones, can anyone fix his QC?

$jigglebone "Bone01" {
        is_flexible {
                tip_mass 100
                length 1
                angle_constraint 60
$jigglebone "Bone02" {
        is_rigid {
                tip_mass 1000
                length 1
                angle_constraint 15
                has_base_spring {
                stiffness 100
                damping 1
                left_constraint -20 20
                up_constraint -20 20
                forward_constraint -20 20

It would be appreciated if someone can fix this.

What it looks like.

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Model got a jiggle-boner huehue

Post a screenshot of what the model looks like in whatever modeling program you are using.

stiffness 100

try setting the stiffness at something like 20

I thought it was a dick joke pic too when I first looked at it :v:

If this is a tail and said tail sticks out by default, you’re going to need to make it hang by default. You can add weight to jigglebones but adding enough weight to bring it down a 90 degree angle will severely limit its movement as well.

where`s tutorial about jigglebones ?

There’s really not much to know about them. You rig some bones, flag them as jigglebones, and mess with the values until you’re happy. For something like hair you’ll probably want to use is_flexible and you’ll want to ignore anything related to along (that’s more springy or slinky-like).

What you really do want to know is that the axis is actually rotated by 90 degrees which is why a lot of jigglebones actually move in an awkward fashion. If you’re using 3ds max, bones should be oriented so the blue axis points downward toward its children instead of the red axis. I usually point the green axis inward so any single axis constraints can easily be shared.

Here’s an example QCI I used for jigglebones on the carbon Miku model:

You can fix the rotation problem also with $forcerealign, like: $forcerealign “Jiggle.Bone” 0 0 90 0

I’ve never used that command personally and I don’t see any documentation on it so I don’t know how it works. Unless it realigns the bone under the weights, it’ll result in the bone snapping and the jigglebone chains being misaligned by 90 degrees as well.