need some help with lightsaber mods / animations.

Well im basically making a jedi VS sith server. Alot of people have been joining and saying things like “wow this is a jedi vs sith with no saber mod” (even though we are in dev and looking for a saber mod). Which leads me to this post. I want to get some average prices and some recommendations for different animations and stuff. All i know of is WiltOS which is hard to config and its out of my budget. I can’t seem to find any from google searches or anything either, can someone let me know of any animations / mods they know of and comment.

I doubt you searched for it. Also, saber animations are scripted, therefore ye gotta know some Lua, compilling and all that shit. People aren’t uploading a fully animated saber addon for free.

There is a free custom animation saber addon on my workshop. Try that out and see if it suits your needs

link solid jake? ?