Need some help with mapping and island.

Weird lighting error with displacement brushes side by side. Maybe I have to sow?

Any help?

Is the whole brush a displacement? or just one face?

You want only the top face to have a displacement.

I restarted on the map, once this compiles I’ll check it out, (I added endless ocean, recreated the whole island with raised displacements instead.) then I’ll try to see if only the top if a displacement.

Aren’t the displacements overlapping? You should indeed try to sew some (or at least smooth).
Also, what’s the lightmap scale of the displacements?

Still an error. I’ll try to remove the displacements from the sides and see if that works.

Can’t seem to remove displacements from sides, and when I try to sew I ALWAYS get this error.

Destroy your displacements
Click the texture tool select all the top faces of the brushes go to the displacement tab and press create with power of 3. Your brushes should be 512*512 or smaller

Recreate the displacements, make sure when you create them only the top face is selected to convert to a displacement, then just make copies of that displacement, edit to your hearts content with autosew on.

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you can also group all the displacements to quickly edit them but it will lag the texture tool for a few seconds.

So brushes have to be 512x512, with a power of 3.

The problem is that is takes me hours to do all of the displacements.

Make one 512x512, turn the top into a displacement with a power of 3. DON’T TOUCH IT YET. Select it, shift drag it in the grid view to copy it quickly or just use paste special. Select every single displacement with the texture tool and go to displacement tab. Make sure sewing is on. Start morphing.

The problem has nothing to do with powers, I’m sure of it. It just affects performance due the increased poly-count.

Even if I do do that, it gives me the errors I showed you.

Found that, gonna try to delete the faces on the side.

Try this looks similer to the problem you have

Well the error is literally what the problem is. Look at the lake, just in that picture there’s multiple multiple places of unaligned displacements trying to sew to each other but won’t because they are touching multiple other displacements.

See? They are staggered and overlapping each other. They have to be adjacent to one another so that no single edge is colliding with multiple other edges. 1 edge -> 1 edge.

Oh, thanks. That’s the only place where they are unaligned. I’ll try to do it on the aligned ones.

Edit: The aligned ones sew perfectly! Thanks! I just have to compile and see if that fixes it!

Ok, sewing does absolutely nothing, I still get the weird lighting error.

I can try removing the displacements from the side but how do I do that without destroying my current displacements?

Edit: I can confirm that is is displacements from the side is what is causing the shadow, but is there a way to delete displacements on the side without deleting the whole displacement?

Open the displacement selection tool. Select only the side faces. Click destroy.

I can’t select just the sides, :confused:

I’m recreating the whole displacement, another couple hours of work.

It’s done compiling and I’m opening garrysmod now.

EDIT: The lighting error is fixed, but I have another error I’ve had before.

That, how do I prevent the textures from glitching out when the sand collides with the water, also, why is my water texture underwater all messed up?

I have Half Life Complete pack (every single hl2 game and dlc, every single hl1 and dlc), and I’m using a coast texture.

Above water it looks fine.

Can I just lower the water area to below the sand?

Nevermind, everything is fixed, thanks for the help guys!

Can someone lock this?

Before this thread gets locked, here’s how I learned the rules of displacements.

Sort of explains why things have to be a certain way.