Need some help with mapping.

I know my way around HAMMER but in the camera view. nothing shows up. its on textured polygon. but nothing shows up.

map-entity report- goto

Are there lights?

Did anyone actually read his post? He said that he cannot see anything through the camera view, I’d suggest; Refresh sdk content before opening hammer and or changing the settings on the camera to see if that debugs, also if you press del when you have the camera selected it refreshes the camera and places it into the centre of the grid.

And if nothing else helps, reinstall SourceSDK.

thank you for reading my post. trying that now.

how do you refresh the content? also. i can make a small cube map. but when i run it in CSS i can play it for 30 secs before it disconnected me… but if i add bots to it. i stay on my map. also do i need to add AI nodes?

Making a really noobish question now:

Have you created a block(brush), an entity, anything?

if not, all you will see is black, unless you opened up a sample map

ya i had my room made. i created the objects. everything is there. sample maps work. my maps no

make sure you click the camera tool, then on a 2D grid, click and drag then release, then you have placed your camera so you will be able to see the brushes etc

oh… k fixed. thank you!