Need some help with mapping.

I’m planning on doing a comics, but I can’t get the maps I want because they’re .ut3. Is there anyway I could get them into Hammer or working in Gmod without having to build it from scratch?



I don’t think so.

Fraps the maps you want, then remake them in hammer.

Even if you did convert them, the maps would be too high for the player. The player sizes are different in unreal and source.

Damn. I figured as much. I guess me and Hammer better get re-acquainted.

you can always scale them down…

And risk off grid verticies?

export the map in unreal as a model, scale it down, to the proper dimensions, one unit in max is 1 unit in source iirc. Compile it into source, and load it in hammer. Use it as a reference from then on.

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view>move selection to grid I believe was the tool.

Ctrl+B also snaps any selection to the grid.

I think it’s just the Hotkey for the same tool.

I never knew about that, I once spent like 20 minutes painstakingly moving a building that I made when I was a stupid mapper to the grid. That was horrible.