Need some help with poligons and 3ds Max.

I know, it’s might be not right forum to ask about this but…

I have trobles with strange poligons on model i trying to port. They looks fine in 3d Max render.

But wery bad in HLMV and garry’s mod.

When i try to fix this so called “open edges” it’s turns to totally disaster:

Half of this double edges just dont want to weld. Even vertices. I don’t know why.

Is there a some way how to fix this problem?

Could you post a wireframe version of this ?

Also, you might be facing an issue in which there are duplicated faces/vertexes, in this case simply welding the vertexes isn’t gonna fix the whole problem.

Like this?

also other examples:

Hmm, it seems to be exactly what I said: duplicated faces/vertex.

I had a similar issue in the past, but I don’t know any better method than simply deleting these duplicated vertexes and faces and caping the holes. I’m not sure but it might mess up with the UV somehow so keep an eye on it.

Damit, i just dont know… They are so many poligons and i dont know how fix UV if it will be broken. But i need fix them, they looks absolutely terrible…

Also, if i for instance remove poligon on my picture, how i shold fix hole after it?

For capping holes just use the border selection in the editable poly modifier to select a hole and then click the button ‘cap’.

Sorry, but you mean “Cap Holes” modifer? I cant find such button in editable poly…

Oh, no, it’s not the “Cap Holes” modifier I’m talking about. Take a look at this pic and see if it helps you finding the ‘Cap’ tool inside Editable Poly :

I thank you for help, but… Well. Sorry i got this stuff:

This function dont want to connect edges i need…

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Idk, can it be because i separated wings from main model like this?

The main reason i do so, because after fix wings(as i hope before:cry:) i can in future make morpfer modifer without pain…

Nope, just make a try on normal model. Same stuff.

Whenever you are unable to cap a hole it’s probably due another duplicated vertex/face you have around that hole. It seems your mesh is full of messed up face and vertex duplicates. Do you still have the source of this model ? Have you checked if there’s a version of this model that is clean with no duplicated vertex/faces ?

Yes, i have. Original model made for blender. I exported model with COLADA format.

Try exporting as FBX instead, Collada never worked well for me.

There is no another way? In first time i actualy try fbx format, but i have SO much trobles…

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In collada format all fine for me. Except this edges. Interesting moment: i have such trobles only on wings.

P.S. I thank you wery much for time you spend on my problem.

Weird that fbx isnt working. Anyway, I don’t know how experienced you are in modelling but the best solution I have is to get the clean model to export as OBJ, or any other format that won’t cause these duplicated vertexes and faces, then redo the rig (maybe use Skin Wrap, since I use 3ds max). I’d rather redo the rig than fix the messed up mesh and possibly UVs, but that’s just me, there might be other ways to fix you problem but these I posted are the ones I know and the ones I’d try.

Also, no problem, sir, I help whenever I can, hope you’ll find some way around this problem, because right now these suggestions are all I have, sadly.

I make comparison with different ways of exporting… Fbx is looking good, but:

40k polygons? How much source can use? Also all types have problems with edges…

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Also, where can i learn how use Skin Wrap? Because i use just “Skin” modifer all time. Is Skin Wrap beter?

Oh, silly me, just watch how to use this modifer. Yes, it can be my saving. If i do all thing right. Thank you again. Because you only person who realy try to help me for this 3 days.

It depends on what game/program it is and what you’re using to compile the model(s), but it varies since there’s no definite limit that’s actually listed (at least as far as I’ve looked into and read up on; there’s supposedly a limit of 65536 indexed vertices, but I’m pretty sure people have passed that over several times in the past). There’s also some .QC functions that can help you get around those limitations by making use of multiple $model entries in the .QC before compiling.

You mean compile model consisting frome few .smd files? Like body, head, arms…

I think it’s done!

Thank you all guys!

How have you fixed the issue ? Manually fixing each duplicated face ?

Btw, congrats, glad you found a way to make it work.

I’m pretty sure that’s the triangle limit.