Need some help with some lua errors

Im still trying to slowly learn lua but i dont know what errors mean . Could someone explain to me what these mean?
[ERROR] addons/crash_menu/lua/autorun/cm_config.lua:34: function arguments expected near ‘.’

  1. unknown - addons/crash_menu/lua/autorun/cm_config.lua:0

[ERROR] addons/crash_menu/lua/autorun/sh_cmenu.lua:33: attempt to index global ‘CM’ (a nil value)

  1. unknown - addons/crash_menu/lua/autorun/sh_cmenu.lua:33

We won’t be able to help if we can’t see your code.

For the first one we would need to see the code, for the second one I can do a shot in the dark and say you wrote CM instead of GM.