need some help

So I have been making a CTF TF2 map and I keep getting low fps when looking at the area the red or blue base is at from the other team spawn point some one told be I need to use area portal’s and hint brush’s so I looked up both of them but I get a error with the area portal when I stick it in the door way of one of the spawn zones for both teams it says (areaportal brush doesn’t touch two areas) and when I put hint brushes in the game it seem like its still showing the prop in the both team’s base I know this because I do sv_cheat 1 then Mat_wireframe 3 and it show the props on the other side of the map which is why I am getting low fps
do you guys know a good tutorial for getting both area portal and hint brush to work right in my map.

Side note right now I have all brushes beside displacement hint brushes and the area portal in my map grouped up as a func_detail could that be why the hint brush and the area portal are not working right here is a pic.

Sorry if my spelling is crappy.

Don’t make everything func_detail, that often makes things worse.

OK I will make a back up copy of the map first be for I go and make the func_detail to a world brush again.


this is to funny all I did was make the func_detail a world brush and it seems to be working now lol get back to you guys when I have it fully fixed

Yeah, it’s called func_detail for a reason, it should only be used on very very detailed brushes, such as benches, or complex lamp posts.