Need Some HUD Help

I was trying to make a custom HUD for my gamemode and I have two questions about how to make some things work.

First, I want to get rid of the default weapon selection. I’ve already disabled the other parts of the default HUD, but I’ve been unable to find a way to remove this portion of it. How might I go about removing this?

Second, how would I make health status shown through an effect on the screen? Something such as a red color shown on the screen’s border when the player is injured or some similar display.

  1. GMOD Wiki says the HUD element is “CHudWeaponSelection”. So something like

function HideWeaponSelect ( name )
	if name == "CHudWeaponSelection" then
	return false
hook.Add( "HUDShouldDraw", "DontDrawWeaponSelect", HideWeaponSelect )

  1. You’d have to whip up something that hooked the regular HUD Health + Armor elements, remove 'em, then hook something like “CTakeDamageInfo.GetDamage” or some such thing (look up the “CTakeDamageInfo” hooks on GModWiki) and have it draw some effects on the screen (check GMODWiki’s Render Library), I guess.