Need some ideas for beginning glua programming

Actually i’m new to programming and only know the basics of c++ and lua. i have a book for both, so if i need to know something i go to study it, but the problems is that idk what to make for beginning my glua programming journey. Do you guys have any ideas on what to make to begin? (except a simple hello world program)

Make a cheat.

It really helps you learn and you’ll have fun doing it :smug:

Aimbot (old tutorial)

ESP with the

halo library

And then you can start making a menu for the cheat

thank you, i’ll try making a health cheat for beginning, even if i tried in the past and got an error saying
“[ERROR] lua/lol.lua:1: attempt to index global ‘Entity’ (a function value)” but i’ll put a bit of work on it now

Before diving into making a cheat I’d recommend you read some of these though.

I would also recommend learning about serverside functions and clientside functions.

Clientside functions can only be run on the client.
Serverside functions can only be run (obviously) on the server.
There’s also shared functions, that work on both.

On the wiki, they’re indicated by a blue square for server, an orange square for client and both for shared.

Many functions you’d like to use such as a health cheat are not possible on the client because the SetHealth function is serverside only for example.

Even if you overrided it to become a clientside function (which isn’t possible, but still) then it would not affect other players and they would just see your normal health.

thank you very much :slight_smile:

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there are even green squares, what are they?

Make a simple gamemode, it forces you to do a bit of everything. If you’re having a hard time getting started, you can always use Fretta as a base. ->
You can follow many tutorials on

Green squares are menu functions, meaning they can only be used on menu scripts - they run in the menu :v:

Not to mention it’s pretty fun to start making gamemodes, until you slam face-first into a wall and abandon it :smiley: