Need some Ideas

Hey, I just need some ideas for my “First” map… well its not my first map but its the first that really looks not that bad and i want to Finish.

Here a Screen of the Map:

I know the lighting is kinda Crap… i going to fix that anyway. I want to create a Simple Construction Map

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And it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to publicly release the map, as there are way too many construct maps these days. Use it as mapping practice, okay?

:wink: I know that, i wont release it, i just want to practice mapping :smiley:

Think about this when making a map, will you play it? And what do you like to see in maps?

Well I have always had 2 ideas for maps i doubt they would be good for Gmod though, 1 being a sniper map where there are 2 sniper towers facing each other with windows, and no doors down, you can go spiral up a staircase and sniper from anywhere in it, and they both reach the very top of the map grid, would be nice only problem is, i have no idea how to make a map i always got an error when i tried making it a map format wich is why i am here :stuck_out_tongue: to learn how to make a map haha, got lots of ideas but no mapping skills :stuck_out_tongue:

looks like you never used ALT+P in the Editor…

A little update :-X Did some tweaks and played around… still, i think, the lighting is bad… to yellow.
And the shadows are really to dark… i cant figure out why

I guess i cant do anymore for this map and now working to do something new. I have to think about what i am mapping next, maybe i drive around in our city and find something interesting ins-pirating me.

I learnd alot things while mapping this map:

Good Brushwork
2D Skybox
3D Skybox
Carve and Hollow is a bad idea
Textures should be chosen carefully
Lighting is the A(lpha) and O(mega) on an good map
Terrain should me created with Displacements
Starting a Map with “NoDraw” Texture is a good idea
Optimizing the Map… like Making every Brush that is not blocking Void and creating many leafs to a Func_Detail

It was Fun! :slight_smile:

Wayyyyy to yellow.

And don’t func_detail too many brushes. Only fiddly little ones and complex ones that would create a lot of splitting.

well i made every brush to a func_detail that would create many leafs.

And would you be satisfied if you saw this in an official source game?

@ZOMG , True

Node it, especially if it is for gmod.

That actually looks pretty good.

I quite like it, the design is simple yet sleek.

I just fixed the lighting i gonna post some screen’s soon

awesome, I would prefer to play on that than other construction maps. Little too yellow though

Just as the title says, we need some old school Death Match maps. This means health and armor packs and no reloading.

Anyone here ever play Quakeworld Death Match? Then you know what I mean.

I like the style of the map. Its simple, but serves the purpose.

One quick tip:
When you see that your map looks very clean and nothing is “broken” or theres no trash, doesn’t it kind of seem that the dock looks out of palce?
I don’t know, just looks awkward to me.

To make the shadows more or less dark as you please, use the “Ambient” setting.

Personally I would make another level that goes down, in the middle of the map. Maybe put some rooms around and inside it. Then put that lake/pond in the middle. But I’m not sure what you want exactly.