Need some ideas

I’m looking to make a map or even a mod, but I have no clue what to make. I need some inspiration or some ideas. Could you guys throw around ideas for me or some reference pictures? I am completely lost on what to do.

A basement jailbreak, where people who are prisoners spawn in the jail and they’ve got to climb over the cell whilst he’s sleeping, then get the key and set everyone else free

Why look to map if you have no ideas. It’s a good idea to find the thing you want to portray before you start thinking about mapping. I use a lot of rundown environments for mine.

I’m a pretty good mapper in my own opinion, it’s just that i’ve never actually released anything and I feel like making something and I have no real ideas.

I browse places such as:

Reference Picture Thread


Art Morgue

Or, my personal favourite, although a little tricky:
The Magical Site of Many Answers.

… Don’t expect people to give you all the answers, go and look for them yourself, try going for a walk with a camera and just take photos of stuff, doesn’t matter what it is, just stuff that you might like recreating in Hammer, I do it all the time, I have a huge library of photos, sites etc. which I build up and brows when I’m stuck for ideas or components for my creations.