Need some lighting help!

So basically, I am trying to have the player press a button, and turn on all of the lights in a warehouse. I tried this with static lights, but the effect is less than desirable… what type of light do you reccomend I use for this effect?

Just name all the light entities “lights_warehouse” or something and have a func_button target lights_warehouse, with TurnOff.

Well I know how to link a button to turn the lights on/off, but I was asking what type of lightsource I should use. Just a simple light stays lit weather it be on or off. I have tried an env_projectedtexture, and that seems to work fairly well!



light entities (not light_spot or anything, but light) will turn off if you decide to do so with a trigger or button. You can only have one env_projectedtexture activated at once, so that won’t work “fairly well”.

In the flags for the lights, check “Initially dark”. Then for the button, add something like this

TurnOff (or Disable, I can’t remember which)

Lights with names do not look as good as those without, however, and it’s not advised to have a huge amount of lights adjusting at once due to the bad look it will give (and it can sometimes cause performance issues).

Yea, I see what you are saying. Thanks for the help!