Need some LUA and Animation assistance.

Hey Facepunch, long time no see.
It’s been a while since ive been on, actually 10 Years in fact since I’ve last logged on. I have currently just picked up modding/development again and was seeking assistance with updating some NPC’s for GMOD. The NPC’s in specific are these(VJ BASE DINOSAUR SNPCS) and I was attempting to tweak the LUA on them in order to get some more realistic interactions. What I specifically need help with is the value which decides chase/attack distance with the “T-rex JP” NPC, the NPC likes to sit and stare at you but I would like to tweak it to chase anytime the player is within a certain distance. I would also like to ask if anyone can update the model to have rotation animations, this I am willing to pay via paypal or whatever. Thanks for any assistance!