Need some model links, would appriciate some help! :)

Hey folks, got myself a fresh gmod so I gotta re-download everything.
I’m a poser, I make screenshots exclusively, so I’m looking for models intended for poses.

Currently struggling to find the following, would be really awesome of you guys if you could help me out with some links to stuff I’m looking for;

  • Casual citizens. (Preferably using different body models then the original citizen.)
  • Good guns. Modern guns. Struggling to find packs of varied guns that have nice quality.
  • Random prop packs containing junk to decorate your scenes.
  • Detailed cars of all types.
  • Aircrafts, modern or sci-fi. Just aircrafts of any kind. Helicopters, gunships, jets. Anything that flies.
  • In general usefull and unique lookin ragdolls. (I.e not your classical modern warfare soldiers but things that stand out.)
  • Nicely detailed male models with good faceposing. (The kind of male models that can easily fit a main character in a comic, kinda struggling to find one.)

This isn’t the mapping section I know, but if you know of any great maps to pose on, well detailed and shit. If you could toss those in here/pm me. I’d be thankfull.

I’ll put up some more if I struggle finding more shit.

Hope someone can help me out here, would really appriciate it!

The Fallout: New Vegas pack has a nice selection of weaponry, as well as the Mass Effect 3 gun pack.

If you want good car models I suggest Scars. It has a ton of awesome ones.

Here, have a shitload of planes and boats and crap.

As for detailed male models, I think you should try the Enhanced Citizens pack. Body-groups galore!

Thanks man, some usefull stuff there :slight_smile: