need some models

i restarted my computer because it was slow and i lost all my garrysmod models and i need some new ones can anyone find some for me?

… why can’t you?

what do you mean?

Why can’t you find them, its hardly difficult.

theres no good ones tho

your truly a new breed of helpless and lazy aren’t you?

no no no i just cant find good ones

You need to be specific on what you want. I could easily go and find a Marine model from Crysis 2 and call it good. It might not be good to you. Be more detailed.

no you are, you come on this section, posted a thread named “need some models” and don’t specify what you need your just like, “bitch I’m to lazy so find cool looking models for me slaves cause I can’t be bothered with finding stuff my self using google or searches since that’s some house wife shit and I’m a king”
I mean really? over 4,000 ragdolls on and your telling me you looked through them all already?
now go use google and search and be gone Sir.

Here I’ll link you to some great ones, aka all of my shit