Need some modles.

Hey I’m working on a new show on youtube and was wondering if somebody could help create some ragdolls for me.

Here are the characters I need
E. Gadd (Can be found in Luigi’s Mansion)
Petey Piranha (Can be found in Smash Brothers Brawl, Super Mario Sunshine, Mario Kart Double Dash, and Mario Superstar Baseball)
Toadettte (Can be found in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Mario Superstar Baseball)
Toadsworth (Can be found in Super Mario Sunshine, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and Mario Superstar Baseball)

I would be very appreciative if somebody could help make these. You’ll get full credit in the credits of the video along with all the other creators. Thanks.

P.s. Not sure whether to put it here or the Help & Support thread. Since it’s about Models I think it would be best for me to post it here!!!

What’s a modle?

I ment Model. Couldn’t change the title. My mistake :C

I made you a modle of toadsworth

Let me know if you want me to rig it

and also try the requests section

Thanks but I kinda wanted a model ripped from the actual game :frowning: Still thanks for the effort :slight_smile:

Looks like my Uncles Penis

Hey don’t be mean. At least he tried!!!

… And how would you know what his penis looks like?

Can you guys please help me out and stop fighting with the flamer :frowning:

Go to the requests section and sort it out there, also the quote bar goes at the top, not the bottom.

I didn’t know there was a requests section!!! Where is it?

Stop placing quoted messages below replies, it’s annoying.
Also, get on the section you posted this in and go to Model Requests.

Use your eyes, and look on the main models page.

I found it and reposted there!!!

And stop quoting like that. You aren’t supposed to do it.

Why aren’t we supposed to quote if it’s an option on the site?

It’s annoying and confusing for other users.