Need some opinions/suggestions

Ive hit a brick wall. Not too sure where to take this. Its a counter strike bomb defusal map, its mostly balanced at the moment but it feels empty and i dont know what to add.

note: lighting isint final i quickly put basic light entitys in so the rooms wernt too dark.

your rooms are empty. Add some furniture and make the big rooms smaller if you don’t need that much space. I’ve been recently mapping my home, I’ve always thought there was a whole bunch of wasted space in one area or another, then when I started measuring things out, I realized that almost every square inch of space was used in a very optimal way. Remember to think about the purpose of each room and add the right type of furniture.

Other than that (and the lighting, which you mentioned), it’s looking pretty good.

made some progress.

wood floor’s in the street?

also if you need someone to play it with id sign up, i love playing custom content

Unrelated but what texture did you use on the cubicle walls?

To make the map look better spam props everywhere. Look at other Cs:s maps for inspiration.

small update.

textures came from this pack

Add some benches
And there are lots of trash models, use them to make the place look less clean and empty!


does anyone have any good tips for matching the fog to the skybox

For me its kinda too repeating but view looks sexy, just make fog a bit closer so you can’t see skybox line

played with it a bit more

some of the buildings are inside the displacements. Fix that. Also, increase the distance of your fog and set the maximum opacity to .8 or .7, it doesn’t look that good really far away when it’s a solid color.

Okay, it’s getting nicer since my last view on it