Need Some Posing Help!!!

Okay I need some posing “tools”

  • Maps
  • Ragdolls
  • Props (such as weapons, or props good for posing)
  • Emitters or effects
  • Anything else I forgot for good posing

First off, what kind of poses are you trying to make?

There is something called an “Emitter Tool”, Check out these effects that can be used along with them.

There is a whole section of this website where people submit props/ragdolls/weapon models, <there if you missed it.

Check out some Adv Dupes on there are multiple ones that have finger, face and posed models. I use them in my Machinimas.

I really plan on doing funny posing but I do serious to, also I have tried those weapon effects, I followed the instructions and they did not work. I know about the emitter tool, but what I don’t know if you can download more effects for it.


I don’t do machinimas I just take pictures.