Need some printers for DarkRP (LUA)

Hello I was wondering if some here could code som printers for me on DARKRP, I am currently hiring a coder to my server I give sweet rewards :wink: ?

What’s your sweet rewards?

depends persious :open_mouth: could be admin or VIP

Like people said on the other thread requesting an entire gamemode, people most likely won’t play on it and won’t care for admin of vip. Maybe money.

Coding printers is so fucking easy.

money boi, money!

I mostly like getting money instead of useless crap, but as making a printer is easy as making a pie I wouldn’t take any money for it.

Ill make you all the printers you want if you get me portal 2

Same here! ^.^

Depends on what you want doing, but I could do it for $5 +.

I’ll have a printer when i coded my DarkRP, if i find it. You’ll get it.

Ill code you any printer you want. 5$ each printer.


Why was i rated dumb? you guys r retards

In what ways do you want it different from a normal printer?