Need some rigging help with maya

Okay so I’ve been using maya for a few weeks, used 3ds max for about 2 months.
I’ve done alot of modeling, a bit of rigging.

I’d like to start porting some ragdolls, but I am a bit lost as to how to rig it. If anyone who is familiar with maya would be willing to help me out I’d really appriciate it. I have been googling for tuts for ages now and I can’t find any good tuts on rigging, only porting props.

I’ve had the exact same problem, huge numbers of tutorials on exporting props and fuck all tutorials on exporting ragdolls and animations from maya.

I’ve given up and I’m just going to learn XSI when i get a day or two free.

I don’t know if you can access it, but here are videos. Quite a few are for rigging. I too have been trying to look for rigging tutorials. I’d say if anything check youtube? -shrug-

Yeah sadly I can’t acess them. Although the rigging itself isn’t really a huge problem. I have a subscription on and they cover rigging for production and animation. I guess what I’m wondering is how to rig the face and fingers so they work with the face and finger poser tool instead of being grabbable limbs.

face poser is not using rig but morphs. finger poser is only about bones, they must have right names and orientations.