Need some SERIOUS help here, fucked up view/camera

Aright so after a while, while having some updates on garrysmod, i have noted this SMALL god damn annoying bug… Every time i join a server, Rp or build no real difference, my camera seems to be stuck in the ground.

What i mean is that my view is two sided, i can barely see the map itself, and i also see under it, while i cannot see the ground. Other players appear stuck in ground aswell and i cannot see them. This is getting REALLY annoying after about 5+ reinstalls having no effect on it. Seriously, i need some help here, i have not played gmod properly in months!

And no, its not about my specs, they are quite fine and i have never before had this problem until now for a bit over month.


Post a log of the console from when you start your GMod from when you’re playing in a server.

Im aware of possible errors that console may be crying of, but in this case the console remains normal… :frowning:
Nothing odd

Do you have any addons that control the camera in anyway? (Aimbots) This could be what is messing up your vision.

Aimbots? Naah, no such addons :slight_smile: I thought about addons giving me the bug, but i cant find any so-called “logical match up” with the bug

If you got that player resizer mod, that may be the cause, if not, iunno, sorry.

Check your autorun for misterious lua scripts, and try going onto a server with script enforce like zombie survival or fretta, if your view is fixed then you have a bad lua file fucking with your view.