Need some skinning help!

I’m new to skinning/modeling for Gmod. I’ve tried my hand at doing a reskin of the Fallout 3 Tesla armor but have failed, I really don’t know what i’ve done wrong and cannot seem to find any clear answers, That’s why i’ve come here. I need someone to test the reskin I did and tell me exactly what i’m doing wrong. Thanks guys it would be very much appreciated.

Here is a link to the models/textures :

Will nobody help?

it looks like wrong folders … I think that in .qc you set modelname “player/tesla_power_armor/slow.mdl” but then you renamed this folder and file to “Player\GreenTesla\gslow.mdl”

EDIT:// Dont rename anything and try this .mdl file

Doesn’t work, Crashes Gmod.

I think I know where I failed, so I ve sended you another.

I have still yet to recieve help, Mabye a bit of money on paypal with sway some of you?

I really need help please guys?