Need some VVVVVV models here!

Do you think you’d be able to create models of the six VVVVVV characters for a genuine Pip-Boy?

I imagine them as Sackpeople minus the zipper and texture, with the character faces.

Send it to “Pointless Name” on Steam for the Pip-Boy item.[SUP]*[/SUP]

Here’s a character page link for those interested.

[SUB]*Model must be considered “accurate” by Pointless Name. If not, you get a consolation prize.[/SUB]

Whoa, déjà vu.

In any case, just like Exorade said in your original thread:

If you didn’t get any replies, its probably because no one wants to do them. If that is the case, don’t make another thread.

I’m making this because the other wasn’t clear enough and newfag-ish.

So you’re saying I can’t insult myself?

And… How did you come to that conclusion?