Need someone for a playermodel please :3

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Hi everybody,

So I’m going to be fast and clear as possible (And sorry for the bad English, I’m not sure of some words), I wanted to make a playermodel for a friend, and I tried everything I could, but everytime, the model can’t be compiled because of errors that I fix right away, but my playermodel always end bad, like the model has no animations, the model has the animations but is feet in the ground and oriented in the bad direction, etc. :suicide:
The model that I’m using is this one (Model 1) and I tried to put the model 1 on (Model 2)
Also, when recompiling the “model 1” after adding some things in the model.qc as saw in this guide , I got the “Error, rule for unknown flex blank”.

So now that I’m kind of losing faith in this playermodel, I’m searching someone who could make this playermodel for a reward from me.

So if you wanna know more about this, you can add me on steam ( or PM me on Facepunch :3

Also, I’m a rare kind of dumb.

Thanks in advice, and have a good day :dance:

Helps if you put details in the post.

What should I add ? :confused:

Details on the playermodel??

Oh, yes, sure, the model that I’m using is this one and I tried to put this model on

I’m not very good in model replacement or playermodel creation, I’m kinda dumb :confused:

Also, when recompiling the model, I got the “Error, rule for unknown flex blank”