Need someone that makes custom ragdolls/player models/skins in gmod.

Me and my friend WhitehawkPROD are currently in the production of making a machinima on garrys mod. We need someone who knows how to make hexed models/ragdolls, or just knows how to reskin ragdolls with custom designs on them, for garrys mod! I will give you my steam id link.

Deedle Nick

Link to one of Whitehawk’s videos

Hexing and Skinning?

Not very hard.

What kind of stuff did you need?

What is this, the third time you’ve made this exact thread? Stop spamming.

If you got a problem with it then dont comment on it. Its the last time i will post this thread. I dont need to hear your shit. Quit spamming on my threads.

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here just add me to steam and ill tell you there.