need someone to check my server for errors and stuff, i'm away.

I have a somewhat remote(ly) controlled server and I’m not near any computer suitable for playing Garry’s Mod (i have a realllllllllllllly OLD IBM that took 10 minutes to open firefux). I wanted someone who would be able to check for any problems with it, since I’m going to be gone until friday (can’t do friday night cranks without being home on friday!).

Thanks ~

A 70-slot build server.
With “PHX4”, whatever that is.
And “Drugz”, and “OVER 500 TOOLS”.
How is this possible?

well there’s this phx update on svn thats not really 3, it’s more 3.5-3.6/3.7 so I decided to say “PHX 4” and the 500 tools is that wire has 400 or so tools already so i consider that part of it