Need someone to convert Ragdoll/Player Models to npc's!

Hi there, my friend and I have been making machinimas for a long time using many different games, so we’ve had a fair bit of experience with the genre. We’re planning on doing some with gmod, and the first one will be a spoof of grand theft auto 4. We’ve found the two models we need, but we can only find them in ragdoll and player format, when we really need npc.

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but we really need some help with this. Would anyone here be kind enough to help us out and convert these to npc’s for us? Here is the player models:

And here are links to the two ragdolls if required:

Thanks so much in advance! Sorry if this is in the wrong section, I am new here xD



and here are a few more downloads that might be handy

GTA IV Weapons + Bonuses

GTA IV Bike Helmets

cant find roman though shame :frowning:

We really need the niko that we posted though as it is completely accurate to the model from gta4. Thanks though!

here is something else that might help

Thanks, that could come in handy :slight_smile:

Bump, i might have figured it out but i’m not at my computer with gmod right now. Would this work? I created 2 lua’s using the .mdl’s from the two player models.

local Category = "Humans"

local NPC = { 	Name = "Niko Bellic NPC", 
				Class = "npc_citizen",
				Model = "models/player/niko/niko_bellic/niko.mdl",
				Icon = "materials/VGUI/player/niko",
				Category = Category	}

list.Set( "NPC", "npc_niko", NPC )


local Category = "Humans"

local NPC = { 	Name = "Roman Bellic NPC", 
				Class = "npc_citizen",
				Model = "models/bloocobalt/my_cousin!.mdl",
				Icon = "materials/VGUI/player/roman",
				Category = Category	}

list.Set( "NPC", "npc_roman", NPC )

The mdl’s should already have animations as they are player models, so would this work? As you can probably tell i’m new to this xD

If it works I will place them in the lua/autorun folder.

Nope, need to have NPC animations, which if they are not being advertised as, generally means they do not (as in T-pose time).

So what do I do? Should I decompile the ragdoll version and add in the npc animations?

…how would I do that? lol

That would be your best bet.

Look there, i’ve already linked it.

And to add the anims you’d have to find out what anims npcs use (I use a hex editor to look at an existing npc model) and modify the QC file to add the anim models you want in. (If you succeed at this I might have some more you can do ;P) If you can get them decompilled I can do the adding npc anims bit if you like as long as these models are based on the valve biped skeleton (which i’m assuming they are if they work as player models).

Thanks, just decompiling them for you now.

edit: urghghhh i can’t get the decompiler to work, it just says “Extra app id set to 211, but no SteamAppId” what?

I know this is asking alot, but is it possible for you to decompile the ragdoll models for us?

Thanks for all your help

np, the error there is easily fixed, just open your gameinfo.txt in the garry’s mod folder and put a minus infront of the 211 after “toolappid”. And I can’t do it for you due to the fact my decompiler doesn’t work either :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I got the decompiler working and I edited the .qc perfectly and used a good lua, but the final product comes out as an error in gmod (even though it works in source sdk…)
Would anyone here be kind enough to convert the ragdolls for us? :frowning:

post the QC please, so I can see what you put.

I don’t have it anymore, I will decompile the model again and edit it the same way I did before. I’ll get that posted in a few minutes

EDIT Actually would you still be willing to sort out the .qc if I sent you the decompiled folder?


Just edited the previous post as you typed that xD

I can try :slight_smile: you gonna upload it somewhere?

Will do, i’ll put it in a .rar is that ok?

Sure, i’ve got an extracter now so its fine :slight_smile:

Sent you the link in a pm. Sorry for the delay.