Need someone to do playermodel!!!

I need to make this to player model
I would like to do myself but the tutorial of doing this is complex for me (english is not my native idiom, and i have not much lua knowledge)

I can pay i steam ittems, pm me if u want to talk about the price

I actually already did this for… reasons…

w/e here you go, rigging sucks btw.

you also need original addon mounted for materials.

Wow thanks, can i upload it to workshop with your permission?

uh, sure, do whatever with it, just give credit to oogaboogaman (chyrsaetos)

(also make sure you pack the materials by extracting from the other addon)

Thx! ill post u too as the playermodel maker

Ok, i dont care about the rigging, but do you know why its seen in T position?

t-pose? uh not sure… it works for me.

Are you using it with a Steam copy of GMod, or did you pirate the game? It might seem stupid to ask this, but I’ve come across people who have had the t-posed player model problem before, and it ended up being because they were using a non-Steam copy of the game. Of course, missing files or a broken compile could also be the issue, but there’s no reason that it should work for one person and not anyone else unless a pirated copy of the game being used or there are missing files.

I use steamcopy, and it happens in other models too, but only a few of them

You’re probably somehow missing the animation files.

Could you send me the missing animations and tell me how to put them?

Uh, not sure if I can legally distribute them. I’ll pm a mod.

Asking for the relevant files and not hide nor hair of Gmod in his linked steam account makes me want to bring out the pipe and Sherlock Holmes cap.

Not trying to witch hunt here but it makes you wonder why he can’t just verify his files to solve the problem.

that’s just an alt, his account is here

It’s kind of funny how if we’re having GMod issues, we blame Garry, but if someone else is having GMod issues, we accuse them of being a terrorist who stole the game.

Well, when they link a Steam account here that has no sign of GMod being present on the account, you have to admit that it DOES seem like a possibility.

I think its show i have Gmod bougth XD
Also, i have tryed to re-rigging his shoulders

If someone could get this shoulders (the single part is medium-bad rigged) and u want a pay in steam items, tell tome, same for you stiffy, thx for your model (pm me, i will send you the animations)

On that account, yes. However, your Facepunch account links to this, which DOESN’T have GMod on it. To avoid further confusion in the future, you might want to consider linking your actual Steam account here instead of the alt account.

In fact i dont know that acc owner, im from spain, not america

Then you used a wrong profile link.