Need someone to fix a crotchgun for my server - reward offered


Our server is currently updating its RP gamemode and integrating a weapon but the weapons world model appears in the crotch area (Crotch gun), instead of appearing in the hands.

We have had one of our inexperianced modelers have a go at it and he wasnt able to get it to work properly

i need to get this done ASAP so we can switch our gamemade to the latest version

Many thanks,

Hello anyone able to do this?

easy fix is easy. I’ll have it done sometime tonight.

I’m in mountain time. sometime around 12 or so.


dear science! the mesh is fucked up royally. This doesn’t affect getting it to work, it’s just ugly as sin. There are triangles running everywhere.


after much fixing of the mesh (it wouldn’t export due to ‘non-manifold mesh’), and a tiny bit of tweaking of the bone layout:

really, it seems that the guy who tried to “fix” it screwed with the mesh or something. All you’ve got to do is name one of the bones as “ValveBiped.Bip01_R_Hand”, and then just rotate it and move it a bit till it fits the hand correctly.

Oh. just copy-pasta the files over the old files.