Need someone to fix the bank of the map rp_rockford_v2

Basically, the bank vault on the map rockford v2 can only be opened from the inside so I would like if possible for someone to fix this and make it so it can be opened from the outside for $5. Thanks. btw dont say “Oh but its such a hard job to do that” ive seen someone connecting buttons on hammer before and its a 2 minuite job but I cant do it, I dont know how.

Thanks again

Do you have the map source file or are you expecting someone to decompile it?

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And I doubt someone will do this for $5

I’m sure someone will be willing to do that for free. But sure if I’ll manage to do that I’ll accept that 5$ :stuck_out_tongue:
Need to pay some modeler to create some custom stuff and that’ll cost money for sure :3

Just clarifying, Statua the author of rp_rockford has released the VMFs:

Hey, I was wondering if you can also make it so that when people lockpick it, it doesnt spas out. You dont HAVE to but it would be nice. Thanks. Also PM me so we I can transfer the money and speak to you

Aren’t this more a DarkRP code thing rather than map related?

No because its to do with the doors functions. So in other words, part of the map

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