Need someone to help me out PLEASE!

Ok, so firstly i would like to say i am not a scammer, hacker or anything like that, i have been globally banned for using a bypasser to use lua dance scripts (Yes i know a bypasser is kinda hacking) but i just followed some step by step tutorial. Now i am looking for a kind soul that will trust me, and i am willing to signing some sort of agreement of trust (If needed) to buy Gmod + CSS in pack ($24.99) and gift it to me, i will then send them the $24.99 through bank deposit (Takes 24 hours to process, maybe even less!). The reason i need someone to do this for me is because i have paypal, linked with a debit card, and i cbf’ed waiting 5 days for it to process when i could just get someone to do it instantly for me, i really love Gmod and i am missing it like a bitch, a real BAD BITCH. Please help me out, and if you are so kind as to help me, add me on steam and we can talk from there: -no-

(User was permabanned for this post ("gimmick" - postal))

No one is going to trust someone with 1 post who joined a few months ago (and if someone did, they are retarded). Even if you were a long-time member, this request is still pretty fishy. You’re going to have to wait the 5 days.

Can you please fuck off, i didn’t ask for you to tell me that i can’t get help, seriously just fuck off, it’s not like your helping the situation, people like you are fucking annoying.

Acting like an asshole won’t help. Anyways, this thread was your first post… and you joined last month… noone is going to trust you, and they won’t on any other forum either if you’re brand new. I recommend you wait the five days. And start lurking if you want to be a good member of this forum.