Need someone to help me with assmod

I need someone that can set up or walk me through how to set up edit ASSMOD. I want to set “edit” the assmod admins section. I want to have Owner with all admin access, Admin with limited admin access, Sr.Admin less then Admin access, Jr. admin with less admin access than Sr. Admin. Temp Admin with same as Jr. Admin and VIP with some admin commands. Also would like to have it set up where in chat a admins name in chat are diffrent colors, Like Owner would be RED, Admin with be Orange, SR. Admin would be Purple, Jr. Admin would be Green, Temp would be Yellow and VIP would be Blue. You can add my to steam if you woul dlike to help me please, thanks STEAM “thunderf4” Oh and i know assmod has most of this set up already but i want the admin ranks next to there names in chat like (Owner)-=TWD=- | thunder the (Owner) would be in RED.