Need Someone To Host And Make Gmod Server (Will Be Payed)

Hi, My name is Daniel and i need someone willing to create a gmod server for the gamemode DarkRP, i know its alot to ask but the sytems i have with my computer Dont support portfowarding and my cmd is experiencing Difficulties by not letting me ipconfig so i cannot make one, trust me i have tried many times and many different ways, if anyone could do this for me i would be greatful, if you do well i will give %25-%35 of the donations the server receives to you. You will also be made an owner and help run the server i also was hoping someone could host it, that is why i am paying the %25-%35 i thank you very very much! If you can help please post in comments and i will get too you as soon as i can! (if you have skype please post that to)

Why not just buy a VPS or just rent a server from a GSP? In the short term it will put you out of pocket, but this is exactly what you are asking other people to do.

Why would we host a server and then only recieve “25%-35%” of the money?..

Wait, did I read this correctly?

You want someone to host and create a darkrp server and in exchange you’ll give him ownership and 25% of your donations?

Are you fucking serious?

Do you already have an existing community or guaranteed starting player base that is willing to back this up?

so you want me to buy a pizza, and since you went to the door to get it I only get two slices

Except you also put the time and effort in to make the pizza great.

Who do you think we are? We’re gonna need more money than that to keep the server running.

And it’s rather impossible to split 0 between two people.

I’d like to think it’s rather easy: zero divided by two is still zero.

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and if you’re reading this, I just gave you 35% of his server donations – you should check to see how much was added to your bank account!

hint: [sp]it was zero[/sp]

At this rate, I could buy a new car by Christmas! Thanks Obama!

Give me your mothers credit card and I will see what I can do.

This guy is obviously trolling.

Nevermind, he’s serious.