Need someone to lua code something for me! Paying!

I need someont that can code and Nlr system like when you die that shows up and a custom hud i am willing to pay also
nlr system


So, you want something like this?


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but instead of it saying Pez Gaming i want it to say RFF RP on the hud
I want something really close to this hud

I can do these, add me on steam.

Also we are looking for:
Instead of the /placelaws command for the mayor, we are asking that there is a Laws window in the top right hand corner (kind of like agenda) that you can change as mayor by using /laws Yadayadayayda//yadayadyadayada
The // will insert a line break, and this can be viewed by the whole entire server.

For the love of God, stop requesting that people rip other servers things off to aid your server. It’s really annoying. If you want a unique DarkRP server, come up with your own damn ideas. It’s the pathetic.

Nice folder you have there.

Devnull alert

Let me guess you use it to protect your servers. Who would want to code for someone who is an active skid.

Both of you, Jordan and dspencer, save yourself the time and leave Facepunch - I doubt anyone would want to code for someone who is copying other peoples ideas, and then leave credit in there.

That would just get the coder in deep shit.

I have never asked for anything that is copying, all of my things I ask for are very common RP things that I can never find. Jordan on the other hand does tend to do so, but. . shit happens.
And that isn’t the DDoS Devnull everyone thinks it is. Lol!

You are an idiot. That is the devnull everyone thinks it is and all the shit u want coded is ripped from modified darkrp and PEZ gaming.

You ARE pathetic. I can tell you right now, Your server will fail epicly.

I’m pretty sure it’s not, but whatever. . and it’s not my server, I am just on here to help Jordan.

and no dude its not devnull its named that to tricking my friend that i have it… so

That’s weird, when I joined you were talking about how “You can take people offline”… so I didn’t want anything to do with your server after that.


Also, you obviously haven’t learned your lesson.


Also, the same thing happened to me. I join the server and I get threatened for cracking eggs on the floor. Pathetic server.

Just wanna throw it out there; PEZ’s top HUD is stolen from D3vine, which I designed/coded for them.

What? I can’t tell the difference.

Public release kthx? :wink:

I was looking through my old backup files to see if I had it anywhere, but alas, I don’t. Soz.