Need someone to lua code something for me! Paying!

My server is running Darkrp We need this coded…

  • Inventory system ( so when you pick a gun up or drugs etc… when you pick it up it goes into your inventory and then for a what you wanna use you would click on it and press equip or drop)
  • Trading system (so you can trade some items like a gun for some money or drugs etc…)
  • Bank system ( so you can store stuff then leave the server and when you come back the stuff you stored in the bank will still be there)

steam name : =[RFF]=™ -Jordan

If you add me make sure to msg me saying you there for the post on facepunch.

PrintMessage(HUD_PRINTTALK, “Hiring is different from requests”)

Liquid DarkRP has the trading system and might have the other stuff you want.

But… the… blue-ness…

Jackool made it a skin its easy to change.

yea but see i have my own custom hud and its not configured with an inventory tab like Jackools f4 menu does im running DarkRP so … and i really do not want to use his hud i dont like it . _.

I’m sure its not hard to comment out the custom hud, and reassign what keys open menus. Also in the most recent version I got his custom prop protections and he remade the hud (it looks good now). It isn’t a public release yet so you’ll have to ask him about it. I added you on steam if you wanna talk more about it