Need someone to LUA script a PointShop system?

I don’t know if this is allowed… But I’m willing to pay for the job.
if this isn’t allowed please warn me. I’ll take it down immediately.

So here’s a PointShop mod out already
This is for: Trouble in terrorist town GAMEMODE.

I need someone to modify it to my liking.

Modifying / adding some features such as…

  • Being able to equip and unequip items
  • Adding items
  • Fixing a couple of bugs.

The job is pretty simple and if you can do it i’ll pay you a fixed amount of cash.
So i’ll pay a certain amount to get the job done, not hourly.

PM me for more info

I think your looking for this Lua Scripter Hire/Recruitment Thread V3 I would re-post it there. Please do this in the future, thank you.

thanks bro