Need Someone to Rig Metro 2033 Ragdolls

Here is a link to some Metro 2033 ragdolls that need rigging:

The original request thread is here:
but doesn’t seem to be getting much attention so I thought I would make one with a more catchy title to potential riggers who happen to pass by.

The hardest part is already out of the way (porting Metro models seems to be a bitch) so it would be a waste to see these be forgotten when they are right here.

I in no way make a claim for credit in the porting/rigging of these models, I just want to see it done
The models were re-uploaded by pvt.jenkins and he thinks they were originally ported by nexus.

Bump, it would be such a shame if these were never rigged.

some of the models textures are fucked up… the civilian doesn’t have any body textures… but the nazi and majority of the bandits are fine.

Live, we need these models.