Need Someone to script for me.

Just got a server
Don’t know if this is advanced or not.

My To-Do List

Npcs Owned by world, with a menu. (one gun dealer, one drugdelaer. You buy stuff from them, guns, or drugs.)

Custom Hud (I can make an image of what I would like, then you script it )

A Backpack, Hit F1, You can see the stuff you pickup, pickup by pressing E on an item (can be weps, drugs, anything besides props).

Need Jobs! If you want to do some, ill list them to you.

Il think of more, Until then… Reply if you can help… I might make you VIP for free on the server :wink:

There are multiple RP scripts that already have done this. MingeBagRP, (Not a joke, look it up when you’re ingame) some variations of DarkRP, and Tacoscript accomplish most of this. There’s one more I forgot that has all of those included, but I forgot the name.

Tacoscript aint working for me…

A coder would be great
I also need the permisions tag on the chat list so if somone is VIP it would say [VIP] Kyle.: Testing
Or [Owner] And so on
Thanks for the help anyways.


Are you paying?

Yeah, not many people are willing to code for free.

I realize that.
I do have a very good coder, but if something happens ,I will need a backup plan.

I might pay if this I need a backup.