Need someone to set up a RP server

I am in need for someone to set up a good RP server for me, i can give you full admin and i can give you admin on my CSS servers as well. Maybe possibly i can get you your own server. Let me know you can add me to your steam to chat more “thunderf4” You must be someone that knows what they are doing or are in the still learning stages but are willing to help me. Let me know asap thanks I am NOT looking to redo a whole gamemode, Just set up Jobs, extra custom jobs, vechiles, shipments, drugs, RP settings (like salary, walking speed, etc) and take care of errors, some LUA. Let me know and we can talk.

Add me :slight_smile:

ok added you Busymonkey.

Okay, this guy doesent want somebody to set it up, he wants a whole new RP gamemode.

O lawl, did you ask him how much he will pay?

I dont have enough Lua knowledge to code an RP Gamemode.

Not a very good one, atleast.


Oh, and dont count on it:

Busymonkey i never said i want a whole new gamemode! I need the server set up with jobs, extra custom jobs, vechiles, shipments, drugs, etc. not redo the whole DarkRP mod, exadurate much?

…what? There is so many things wrong with that entire statement.

Anyways back on topic, adding Jobs and Shipments are 2 of the easiest things you can do for DarkRP, in fact it even tells you how to in the DarkRP code…
[lua]TEAM_RANDOM = AddExtraTeam(“Random Dude”, Color(150, 45, 50, 255), “models/player/modelname.mdl”, [[Does shit]], {“weapon_crowbar”}, “Random”, 5, 0, 0, false)[/lua]

And this one was directly copied from DarkRP where it tells you how to do it.
AddCustomShipment(“HL2pistol”, “models/weapons/W_pistol.mdl”, “weapon_pistol”, 500, 10, false, 200, false, {TEAM_GUN, TEAM_MEDIC})[/lua]

Well, you told me that you wanted a new RP

yea not the typical RP that everyone else has, chage things up, like maybe the chat messages and F4 layout can be in colors instead of default boring colors, nothing major, but need jobs, shipments, i want model skins, like police officer skins instead of default combine skins and to have some police vechiles auto spawn in the police staion garage, and only police car drive them, unless of course your a car thief. I am still learning RP, its alot to take in for me, alot to learn and i know teens have way more knowledge in this stuff than me.

So, you’re like 10?

I’d say he hasn’t accomplished double digits yet.

/thread Anyway, your asking for a handout? Just some random guy to make a DarkRP edit for you? What you should do is ask someone to teach you or look at a guide. Practice and make your own even if it does suck you’ll get better.