Need someone to teach me how to play gmod :P

Hi everyone. I’m new to playing gmod and stuff. But i really wanna know how to do ragdolls, use the weird gun thing (it deletes stuff and makes balloons and ropes or whatever, yea that gun.)

And i also want someone to play with. So after u teach me we play some gmod and make some animations and stuff xD


Add me on steam: Keefachu96

Make sure u have a mic ;D

This guide will give you a pretty good headstart. If you need to learn anything else I would suggest going onto Youtube, and looking up basic stuff.

Thanks for the info but i also want someone to play with :stuck_out_tongue: I dont really like playing on servers because everyone is doing there own things :stuck_out_tongue: unless its RP. I dont want just one person to play with, but i dont want to play with to many people

edit: I may just read that manual thing

Couldn’t play with you, but if you need any help with things just ask if the wiki isn’t good enough.

Hit f1 in sandbox.

Trial and error.

yep, just try not to devide by zero… also make sure to get wire mod, it makes gmod do more.

hey ill play with you. Im acedah4xx0r. Ill also teach you everything i know. I know all the basics and pretty much advanced basics. So yea.